Window dressing your home this spring

Understanding the importance of window dressing goes beyond your choice of curtains. It’s a chance to display a flair of creativity, by exploring colours, textures, plantlife, sculptures and whether you go for curtains or blinds. Here at Westcountry Blinds we hope to make the process of window dressing that little bit easier, thanks to our top tips below. 

Living room

Our living rooms are a place of rest and relaxation. They should exude calm and serenity as a place to unwind after a long day. We believe that your window plays a big part in that, as it’s where you turn day into night, and vice versa. Depending on what colour your walls are, or what floor you have, choosing the right material is a great way to complement your living room. You could opt for window shutters to add an air of boho chic to your living room. These beachy shutters make you think of summers in Greece, or the south of France, as the sun streams through the window pane. Or how about some heavy-duty, floor-length curtains, rich in a pattern or colour of your choice? Mix this with a rustic curtain pole for an elegant touch, and tie backs, to keep it looking tidy during daylight hours, and you’ll have the regal vibe sorted.

S Craft Shutters stocked by West Country Blinds


When it comes to window dressing your kitchen, we recommend blinds. This stylish, diverse solution to blocking out the light allows for an easy-to-clean alternative to curtains. We have an extended range of blinds for you to choose from, depending on the colour or style of your kitchen. We have roller blinds, wood venetian blinds, metal venetian blinds and vertical blinds, all of which are guaranteed to freshen up your kitchen windows with minimal hassle. Window dressing the kitchen can be a task in itself, depending on the style you are hoping to achieve, with some kitchen windows being a little awkward in shape, size and location. But fear not – whatever solution you need, we have it, and are more than happy to help measure up your space. 


When window dressing your bedroom, it’s a chance to explore the calmer side of the design palette. The bedroom is a place of rest, restoration and relaxation, so your windows should match this energy. Perhaps you decorate your windows with some plants, proven to reduce stress and improve mood, and even air quality! As for your curtains or blinds, you could opt for a blackout option, as a great way to ensure deep rest from dusk till dawn, no matter how early the sun rises. Our electric blinds and curtains are also extremely popular, as a great way to incorporate stylish blinds into your bedroom, especially if you cannot reach your window area. Fully operational by remote, these electric blinds and curtains are a great option for those with limited mobility, too. 

Silent Gliss blinds stocked by West Country Blinds


Window dressing your bathroom may not be the first thing that comes to mind when exploring home interior choice, but it is important. The bathroom is a place that sees a lot of humidity, thanks to those steamy showers and hot baths. This needs to be considered when choosing the correct window dressing choices. Plants thrive in such environments, so adding a splash of greenery to your bathroom is a great way to start the decorating processes. You will eventually have to choose whether you have curtains, blinds or none at all! Here at Westcountry Blinds, we recommend going for PVC or vinyl blinds, as a great waterproof alternative. This way, they won’t be affected by the adverse temperatures and the odd splash of water. 


Finally, we come to the conservatory. For some, this is a favourite room for window dressing, as it allows freedom from the norm of your more day-to-day rooms of the house. The conservatory can be a place to eat, a place to watch TV, and a place to read or play music, so it really can be whatever you want. A common theme with conservatories is that they lead out to the garden or patio area, and with this comes the joys of the little guys. We are talking about bugs, flies and everything in between. With our fully protective fly screens, you can enjoy this room to your heart’s content, without the incessant buzzing of a winged creature. 

Duette blinds stocked by West Country Blinds 

Conservatories vary in size and shape, and with this comes the hassle of finding blinds or curtains that fit such spaces, whilst also regulating temperature as effectively as possible. Depending on the surrounding climate, you may opt for heavy duty curtains to keep the heat in and the chill out for the majority of the year. This is also a chance to dive into creating a cosy reading space, with rich colours and textures that exude class. Or, perhaps you’d prefer some lightweight blinds, to make the most of those scorching summer days to help heat up the entire house! Due to their diverse shape and sizings, our made-to-measure service can help you custom fit any blind or curtain to said area, in whatever pattern or colour you choose. 

We hope this deep dive into window dressing has given you some creative inspiration, ready to start designing your windows this spring. Contact us today to give your home a window makeover.

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