Stylish and energy efficient Duette blinds for your home

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, there is no better time to look at implementing Duette blinds in your home than now. Give your space the refresh it needs with our energy efficient made-to-measure blinds, available in a range of colours and styles.

Energy efficient

Duette blinds are the market-leading energy-saving, with over 20 years of development to bring you the perfect combination of style and function. The fabric has been engineered to be as energy efficient as possible with the unique honeycomb structure acting as an effective insulating barrier at your windows by trapping pockets of air. These are perfect for the colder season when the chill creeps in through the perimeter of your windows, the place where most of your heat is lost and condensation occurs. They work to reduce heat loss from double-glazed windows by up to 55%, blocking up to 99% of UV rays to give you better control of the temperature of your home. By trapping arm air, this significantly reduces heat transfer between the interior and exterior of your home to keep your room warm during the winter. Just as it helps keep you cosy during the colder seasons, the Duette blinds also reduce heat up to 78% of heat intake in summer, keeping you nice and cool when the sun comes out. With rising heat and energy bills, having energy efficient blinds could help you cut costs this winter; avoid those damp and draughty window panes while refreshing your interior and keeping your home insulated.

Energy Efficient Duette Blinds

Stylish interiors

Enjoy the latest contemporary and classic Duette blind styles in gorgeous colours and exclusive patterns to enhance the interior of your home. From subtle greys to warm tones and textures, Duette blinds add style and sophistication to every window and room with options for every taste and home. Choose from a wide assortment of beautiful fabrics and rich structures in three different transparencies. They give a beautiful pleat pattern to windows of various shapes with three pleat widths available, each best suitable for a specific window size.

Electric design

For those windows in hard-to-reach areas like conservatory roofs, or simply for a touch of luxury, go electric with battery-powered blinds. These provide a neat solution to hanging cords and chains without the need for wires or cables, making them inherently child-safe. Simply adjust your blind from the comfort of your sofa at the touch of a button on a remote or app. Alternatively, use Amazon Alexa or Google Home so you don’t even have to lift a finger. Allow light to gently filter into your home throughout the day as a great all-year-round solution to preventing the escape of heat during the night.

Somfy Electric Blinds

Ultimate privacy

If your room is overlooked or front-facing, then Duette blinds are ideal for retaining privacy. Operate your blind from the top and bottom for control over light and visibility by choosing which half of your window to let the light in from. This clever design means you can move your blinds throughout the day to give you shading depending on the sun’s position. Do this electronically or implement a blackout option for complete privacy in your home.

Ultimate privacy with Duette Blinds

Blackout options

For those wanting an uninterrupted lie-in, add specialist lining to your Duette blinds to help reduce light levels in your room. The tension fitted to the surrounding of the window paired with the specialist Mylar foil lining minimises light leaking around the blind so the sunlight doesn’t creep in through the cracks. This foil also has extra energy saving benefits through its insulating design which helps control the temperature as a result. Choose cordless or child-safe blackout options for your children’s bedroom in a range of colours and patterns for any window style, completely made-to-measure.

Black out options available with Duette blinds

Sleep peacefully

Keep noise pollution outside and create a more peaceful room with our Duette blinds that are designed to absorb up to 45% of sound. Perfect for neighbourhood houses by a busy road, or bedrooms of little ones, these blinds cleverly absorb background noise through their unique properties and honeycomb design. By absorbing ambient sounds, the blinds improve the acoustic qualities of your room to create a less echoey and more comfortable space for you to rest your head. Approved by the BBSA (British Blind Shutter Association), the sound-absorbing qualities of Duette blinds have been perfected over two decades and tested by acousticians so they have the official seal of approval from professionals.

Bedroom with Duette blinds


Our Duette blinds are specially made to fit almost any size and shape window, so your whole room, whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or office space can match no matter the design. Their specialist Luxaflex Dustblock coating means they actively repel moisture and dirt so they are easy to keep clean in busy kitchens while the heat-bonded honeycomb structure protects them against the humidity of bathrooms; there really is a Duette blind for every room in the house! With their completely made-to-measure design by skilled craftspeople they ensure a precise fit to maximise energy efficiency every time. Choose from a range of beautiful colours and patterns combined with your choice of energy efficient blinds to give you privacy, peace and warmth as we delve into winter. 

Stunning rusty orange Duette blinds in living room

If you are interested in updating your home with our stylish Duette blinds, browse our selection and get in touch with us today. We would be delighted to help!

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