Shutters for windows: what are the benefits?

Shutters for windows is an interior design choice that has been around for a while, so we are certainly not aiming to reinvent the wheel. We are, however, hoping to shed some light on why they are a great option for those looking to redress their windows with a more sustainable, energy efficient, beautiful alternative.

Here at Westcountry Blinds, we supply a wide range of shutters to suit everyone’s interior design style. From coastal blue bathroom shutters to elegant living room additions, we have it all, and whilst the colour and style are of utmost importance, we think there are other benefits that should not be overlooked. 

 Shutters have never been more popular than they are today in terms of quality, affordability and versatility. Our shutters offer the ultimate light control, while also giving privacy, security and insulation. Shutters can reduce heat loss by up to 64% in the winter, and help reduce heat gain in the summer by minimising solar energy transmittance through the windows. They are easy to maintain and clean and unlike curtains, don’t harbour dust particles that may cause allergies. They also come in such a broad range of colours and materials that you will be spoilt for choice when customising your windows.

S Craft Shutters

Our suppliers

We are proud to stock shutters from S:CRAFT. Their shutters provide a simple way to transform your home, inside and out. Whether you have a country cottage or contemporary townhouse, their shutters can take your home from finished to fabulous.

They have been providing shutters for over 20 years, developing a collection of premium products that add value to your home. Not only are they stylish, they’re practical too, letting you control light levels and privacy. And as every shutter is made-to-measure, there’s something for every window and door, whatever the size or shape. Our aim is to help you see shutters in a whole new light.

S Craft Shutters

Our ranges

Antigua – EWC (Engineered Wood Composite)

This popular shutter range is both elegant and hard-wearing. Antigua is our EWC range, made from a combination of a specially formulated moisture-resistant MDF with a laminated wood core for the ultimate damage resistance and structural integrity. The high-quality wood composite is covered in a patented polypropylene (PP) coating with a UV inhibitor, giving extra protection against scratching, chipping, staining and heat damage. The wood used to produce the MDF is sourced from sustainable plantations in Australia, New Zealand and Chile, and the MDF used has extremely low formaldehyde E0 rating. Antigua EWC shutters are available in nine painted colours, so you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to designing your new interior! 

Java – 100% Waterproof ABS

 Our most robust range of shutters is made from ABS which is very strong and is also used to make motorcycle helmets, so not only are they incredibly durable, they’re also 100% waterproof! This range of shutters is ideal for high-humidity rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, as well as children’s play areas where knocks and bumps are likely to occur. This range is finished with stainless steel hardware, which will help minimise rusting or corrosion over time, a great choice for those looking to invest in a product long-lasting. Java Waterproof ABS shutters are available in 12 painted colours, and our customers also have the option of choosing a custom colour, making this option fully customisable depending on the style of your home.

Fiji – Premium Hardwood

 This is our most versatile range of hardwood shutters. The reduced weight makes this range perfect for covering large window expanses and glass ceilings with less stress on fixtures and fittings. It can also be crafted into any shape, so those bay windows, or half covered bathroom privacy windows won’t miss out. They are also available in a vast array of colours, and it’s our only range to achieve wood stain and Osmo finishes. 

When stained or treated with an Osmo finish, Fiji shutters are made from Paulownia, a sustainable hardwood which reaches maturity in 7-10 years. Its distinctive grain is ideal if you love natural textures, great for those coastal bolthole interiors. Fiji Hardwood shutters are available in an amazing 30 painted colours, 18 wood stains, and six Osmo finishes, and also offer the option of choosing a custom colour, for that truly unique look.

S Craft Shutters


 All the wood resources used to make the S:CRAFT shutter ranges have been sourced from responsibly managed forests with a robust chain of custody. S:CRAFT’s wood supply chain is carefully managed in compliance with the United Kingdom Timber Regulation (UKTR) which ensures harvesting practices are legal, encourages sustainable harvesting practices and supports global forest governance.

The wood used to make Antigua is sourced from sustainably managed plantations in Australia, New Zealand and Chile, most holding FSC and PEFC forest management certifications. Sawn lumber, namely basswood found predominantly in Cuba, and elements of painted Fiji, are sourced from North American Hardwood; these mills operate under the American Hardwood Export Council regulations. The AHEC concluded that the mills’ sustainability principles, largely based on the life cycle analysis of the wood, went beyond the scope and technical requirements of FSC and PEFC. Fiji-Stained Paulownia is grown in managed plantations throughout China. The wood is not cut from natural forests, and the trees are replanted as they are felled. 

Our dedication to protecting our planet comes first and foremost when sourcing, supplying and crafting window dressing products to our clients. We believe that by adorning your home with shutters that are sustainably sourced and meticulously controlled in the manufacturing process, you can enjoy your interior design refresh with a clear conscience. 

S Craft Shutters

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