Make your home cosy for winter with Westcountry Blinds

It’s that time of year where we start to make our homes cosy and comfortable for winter. Soon we are shutting our windows to keep out the chill rather than throwing them open each morning to let in the warm summer breeze. As soon as the leaves start to fall, BBQs are packed away and slipper socks make their debut in an inevitable acceptance of the changing seasons. There is something comforting about the ritualistic transformation of our homes each year, so as the temperature drops we are sharing some of the best ways to keep warm and cosy this winter.

Soft lighting

Nothing says cosy like the gentle glow of a warm room waiting to welcome you in from the cold. As days quickly begin to creep into nights, our lights are on for longer. Why not soften your harsh bright lights by adding a new light shade, replacing your bulb or simply utilising your dimming function? Alternatively, add some twinkling LEDs to your room to make it extra inviting and festive. It doesn’t have to be costly to transform your lighting for winter! 

Soft lighting in room

Warm floors

Whether you are resting your feet or watching your cat stretch out in front of a blazing fire, there is no doubt that rugs keep your floors warm and cosy. Not only do they insulate your floor but they give the cosy appearance of warmth and comfort too! There is plenty of choice when it comes to protecting your toes from the icy kitchen tiles; choose from soft faux sheepskin to shaggy woollen rugs to keep your home cosy and stylish.

Dog cosy on rug


We may be a curtain and blind specialist but there is no denying that curtains can both improve the look of your home while keeping it warm over winter. A high-quality lining even reduces heat loss in your home! At Westcountry Blinds we also offer electrically-operated curtains for energy efficiency and an extra touch of luxury plus a range of high-quality curtain poles and tracks. Stay cosy in bed for another ten minutes while you let your curtains do the work!

Curtains in wood cabin

Blankets and throws 

It wouldn’t be winter without curling up under a blanket with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Use blankets and throws to keep warm in your home office, snooze in front of the fire, or drape over your sofa and chairs to add a pop of colour and style to your home. Like rugs, there is a huge range of blankets and throws at different price points to choose from! From chunky knits to wintery tartan and flannel, there is a blanket for everyone to feel cosy under as the weather gets colder.

Knitted throw on armchair

Blackout blinds 

Blackout blinds and curtains are the perfect way to get a great night’s sleep by filtering out the winter sun. Here at Westcountry Blinds, we offer a wide variety of blinds, from elegant Roman window dressings with privacy blackout fabrics, to conservatory blinds that combat ambient temperatures. Pick your favourite warming colours and patterns to implement in your home for that cosy look and feel! We are proud to stock blinds from a wide variety of high-quality, trusted brands so there is something for everyone at Westcountry Blinds.

Blinds in room


Candles are a great way of warming your home and creating that cosy winter ambience at a low cost. Arrange candlesticks on your kitchen table for a soft romantic glow or dot flickering tealights around your living room while you relax in front of your favourite festive film! Why not look into wooden tealight holders or delicate glass containers to truly make your candles part of your winter décor? Candles come with the added bonus of lasting for hours at a time so you can enjoy a cosy atmosphere for as long as you need. If you’re inspired by the Cornish landscape, Keynvor candles use the ocean and nature to create scent that would make the perfect addition to any home this winter! 

Candle burning on window seat

Scents in your home

If the look and warmth of candles aren’t enough then there is a large range of cosy winter scents you can introduce to your home. From cedarwood and cinnamon to pine and patchouli, have your favourite winter scent last in your home even after you blow out the flame. Transport yourself to a snowy forest, laced with festive holly and winter berries from the comfort of your own home.

Pumpkin and autumn leaves

Cosy up by the fire or log burner 

Lighting your fire or log burner is the ultimate way of welcoming in the colder seasons by heating your home from within. You can’t beat relaxing in front of the flickering flames and gentle crackling of logs while the winter wind whistles outside. Not only are fires and log burners incredibly cosy, but they also produce long-lasting heat, so you stay snug all evening.

Cosying up by the fire!

Draft excluder

To make sure you retain all the heat from your candles, blankets and fire, why not consider using draft excluders in your home? The cold can still sneak in underneath your doors and windows, permeating your rooms and leaving a long-lasting chill. There is a range of stylish draft excluders out there that are perfect for winter and will look beautiful in your home while keeping you cosy!

Draft excluder

Invest in winter bedding

We start and end our days in bed, so it’s important we fall asleep and wake up feeling warm and cosy! Investing in thick winter bedding is a good idea for anyone who still feels the chill after they have climbed underneath the covers. Instead of piling on blankets and layers of clothing, stretch out underneath your thick pillowy bedding and let it envelope you in its warmth for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Cosy bedding

So, as the temperature drops and we head deeper into winter, why not join us in transforming our homes for the colder season? From simply lighting candles for that warm welcoming glow to implementing draft excluders, thick duvets and blackout blinds there are plenty of ways to keep your home looking and feeling cosy this winter. If you’re looking to invest in black out blinds, sleek shutters or heavy curtains, get in touch with our expert team. We’re always happy to help! 




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