Choosing the right bathroom blinds

Are you redecorating your bathroom, or starting from scratch? Choosing the right bathroom blinds can be more complicated than you think. Here at Westcountry Blinds, we are on hand to make it that bit easier for you.

Choosing a fabric for bathroom blinds

There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing the right bathroom blinds. For example, humidity – a common occurrence in most bathrooms. 

If you go for fabric blinds, or for a material that has a high absorption rate, then they will be ruined by mould and mildew in no time. 

Opting for PVC or vinyl blinds may be a more sensible option, as this material is waterproof and does not absorb the humidity in the air. These blinds are easy to clean with a simple cloth, and they remain mildew free. This style of blind also comes in a range of colours, allowing you to enjoy your chosen colour palette without having to compromise.

Green bathroom blinds for a pop of colour

Waterproof bathroom blinds

If you wish to opt for blinds that are 100% waterproof, corrosion resistant, and lightweight, then why not explore our range of metal venetian blinds? Made from aluminium, these blinds have horizontal slats that sit one above the other. This means complete privacy when required, but also allows you to let in the light thanks to the complete 180 degree rotation. These also come in a range of colours to suit your home.

Stunning bathroom blinds

Other options for bathroom blinds

If your bathroom is fairly well ventilated and spacious then perhaps humidity is not something you need worry about. If this is the case, then your blind options increase. 

Instead of a PCV or vinyl blind, you could opt for a fabric roller blind. These also come with a blackout option, giving you the most privacy and the most darkness for those relaxing afternoon baths. They also come in a range of designs, from block colours to bold patterns. 

Another alternative is real wooden slat blinds, although these aren’t suited to humid bathrooms as the wood can absorb the moisture and warp. But for bathrooms with high ceilings, where the shower or bath is a good distance from the windows, real wooden blinds are an option, offering a sleek, stylish finish to any home.

Waterproof Shutters

Bathroom blind style

 It’s no secret that when it comes to deciding which blinds to get for your bathroom, it can become a little confusing. There are several different styles on the market, so which is the best for you? Let’s start by explaining what they are.  

Stunning bathroom blinds

Roman Blinds and Venetian Blinds

Roman blinds consist of horizontal slats that are attached via a strip of fabric that usually sits on the left and right hand side of the blinds. These are controlled by string with a toggle on the end. This, in turn, allows you to pull up, down, or alter the direction of the slats themselves to either let in light, or block it out. Roman blinds are known to exude class. They are good for bathrooms that do not suffer from high humidity.

Roman Blinds are similar to Venetian blinds, which are also made up of horizontal slats. These tend to be smaller than Roman slats, and are attached via a piece of string on the left and right hand side that you cannot see. These come in a variety of materials and colours.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are also an option, desirable as they tend to attract less dust due to their vertical nature. Easy to operate, vertical blinds can come in a fabric as well as a PVC/vinyl option. Similar to Venetian blinds, they are operated by a pulley system that sits to the side. This allows you to draw them back completely, to change the direction of the slats to let in light, or to block it out.

 When it comes to bathroom blinds, the above options are the most widely available, and widely used. What you choose depends on a few factors. Ease of installation, ease of operation, ease of cleaning, colour, and the likelihood of them getting wet or damaged.

Always here to help

Our team of experts are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have. They are also happy to run through your options with you, depending on your circumstances. Whatever your circumstances or budget, we’re here to make the process of choosing new bathroom blinds as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Get in touch today!

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