Child safe blinds for your family

We know how important it is to have child safe blinds. Here at West Country Blinds, we don’t think you should have to compromise the aesthetic of your home in order to protect your children, and your pets, from the dangers of window coverings. In today’s day and age, safety should be guaranteed, and of paramount importance to all. That’s why, at West Country Blinds, we have collated a list of our favourite child safe blinds, to make it easy for you to style your home as you wish.

Duette SmartCord Blind

The SmartCord operating system used by these blinds offer a retractable cord mechanism, removing any long, dangling cords that could be a safety hazard, whilst also maintaining style and sophistication from the blind itself. A revolutionary design in child safe blinds, this design is also great if you have pets, for there is no cord that can be used as a chew toy, or that can endanger your dogs, or cats.

Duette Smartcord Blinds

LiteRise Blinds

This cordless system from LiteRise can be fitted to Duette and Plissé Shades to make operating them even easier than before. By removing the cord system, and replacing it with this LiteRise, push and pull alternative, you forgo the need to worry about keeping your blind child safe, as LiteRise has done that for you.

Electric powered blinds

Powered blinds enable you the freedom to remotely operate your blinds from a distance, with the help of a remote control. No hanging cords are necessary with this design, as it is all done behind the scenes. These motorised alternatives can be fitted to a vast array of blind styles, keeping your home child safe in the process, and pet safe, should you ever worry about those pesky cords endangering your beloved furry friends.

Trufit Blinds

This window covering system attaches to the window frame itself, removing the need for blinds or shutters that flap in the breeze. These blinds also remove the need for cords, as this system only requires you to drag the shutter up or down to slot it in place, depending on where you want your shutters to hold. A modern, clean alternative to a corded blind, ensuring child safe blinds throughout the home. If you have pets, then this enclosed option means no cats or dogs will be finding enjoyment from hiding behind the blinds and causing a ruckus too!

Trufit Blinds

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are the most commonly used type of blind in our homes. Their ease of adjustment to any window size, and simple installation, makes them the go to for homeowners wanting to personalise their space. Another benefit of roller blinds is the ability to alter the cord length, allowing you to keep it out of reach of little fingers and toes. These child safe blinds are also great for our four legged friends, by taking away the option to chew or get tangled in that silly cord. They come in a variety of materials, and some are waterproof, meaning pet hair, dust and a rogue drawing from the kids can be wiped off easily.


Choosing to install shutters in your home is to replicate a style reminiscent of the south of France, the islands of Greece, or the streets of Morocco. These easy to install window coverings are great for light control, privacy, security and insulation. They are also cordless, meaning you needn’t worry about trying to find child safe blinds, or ones your pets won’t destroy, as these shutters are hardwearing, wipeable, and cord free. The ease of installation, and colour choices, make it a great alternative to traditional blinds, and they are also budget friendly!

S Craft Shutters

Vertical blinds

These child safe blinds are a great alternative to traditional horizontal blinds. Unlike their aforementioned counterparts, vertical blinds do not collect as much dust, they can be tilted to get the most of the light without the glare, and can be moved to the side to allow a full view of your window. They also come in a range of colours, fabrics and cord lengths, to ensure child and pet safety and allow your little ones and their furry friends to sit and admire the view without the curtains getting in the way.

Here at West Country Blinds, we have a vast array of child and pet safe window coverings to suit your every need. Thanks to our wide selection of styles, colours, fabrics, operating systems and fittings, you can style your home just how you want it, without having to compromise the safety of your children and your pets. We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, and are more than happy to talk you through your options, so get in touch today.


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