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  • Welcome to Westcountry Blinds

    Westcountry Blinds was established in 2001 and has over 25 years experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke blinds. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, our technical knowledge, and our ability to solve complex client requirements in both domestic and commercial settings. Most of our blinds are produced in our workshop here in Cornwall enabling us to have total control over the process.

  • Duette® LiteRise® Blind

  • Duette® PowerRise® Blind

  • Duette® SmartCord® Blind

  • Duette® TruFit® Blind

  • Child Safety Re-Connection - Pleated Blinds Share

    This video demonstrates how to re-connect the Child Safety barrel back together once it has been deployed on Westcountry Blinds Pleated Blinds.

  • Roller blind - Child Safety Connecter

    This video demonstrates the child safe connecter on our roller blind products and how to reconnect the cord once the child safety connecter has been deployed.